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Harris IT Solutions main focus is to our business clients, whether that means a single computer in a home office or a large scale server in numerous offices. We will work with you to create a maintenance schedule that suits your needs, personalize the frequency of our visits, assess the relevance of remote access and support, as well as any other custom services you may require.

We will continue to negotiate your contract to guarantee that it is always perfect for your business.


Home computers, although often used for business, are usually used for family and personal entertainment. More than just playing games and updating your Facebook status, home computers are now, more than ever, the place where we store our memories. Be it precious emails from loved ones, vast files of photos of family & friends or priceless home movies, home computers are the scrapbooks and photo albums of our time. When a home computer begins to run slow, or worse fails and crashes, panic can often paralyze us into thinking that all of our data is gone. But at Harris IT Solutions we know how completely irreplaceable the contents of our home computers are and we will always do everything within our power to preserve it. Even if you think all is lost, give us a chance to retrieve your memories.